Local Raw Honey

We are proud to carry raw honey products from our friends at Holdman Honey!

Holdman Honey is owned by David and Susan Holdman, along with our Four kids, Roby, Reagan, Ruston and Raleigh.  David works with the bees, along with the bottling and distribution. Susan manages the finances and marketing. The kids are great at working the honey extractor, putting the labels on jars, and of course, eating honey.
We have over 3000 beehives and counting. Many of our colonies have local origins but some of our queens come from as far away as Hawaii. In the spring, our bees collect nectar from the bluebonnets and other Texas wildflowers. During the rest of the summer, they gather from flowering plants such as cactus, mesquite, and sunflowers.
Why raw honey? Since honey, in its natural state, never spoils, why would anyone pasteurize it? In reality, conventional honey is overheated, to pasteurize it, so that it can be filtered. The problem with this is two-fold: First, overheating kills the natural enzymes and the flavor, and it neutralizes the anti-oxidant benefits. And second, filtering removes pollen and other good stuff that help to make raw honey a super-food.
We hope you give us the opportunity to share some of the natural goodness the bees have shared with us.


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