Grass Fed & Finished Beef

Produced by Pure Pastures, Texas Grass to Grill, and Southern Reds

ALL GRASS, ALL THE TIME Our grass fed/grass finished beef spends its entire life grazing pastures in the great state of Texas. We manage our cattle with a holistic grazing plan that involves frequent cattle moves to give the land time to rest between grazing periods. This allows the grasses to regenerate fully, and makes sure the cattle are constantly being moved to fresh forage.

CHILL BEEF IS THE BEST BEEF The welfare of our animals is of the utmost importance, so we focus on handling our cattle with as little stress as possible. This ensures the highest quality of life for our animals and the highest quality meat for our customers. We carry that mentality all the way through their life, including processing all our animals at a state inspected facility that is Animal Welfare certified.

A HAPPY, HEALTHY HERD Another important part of our animal welfare program focuses on the treatment of sick animals. We raise our animals in an environment that promotes herd health, but every now and then we will have an animal fall ill. To keep the animal from suffering unnecessarily, we treat the animal , tag them, and immediately pull them from our retail herd. These animals do not enter our food chain. WE DO NOT AND WILL NOT USE mRNA VACCINES IN OUR ANIMALS.


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