Pure Pastures is a family owned, multi-species grazing operation, run in partnership by the Eubank and Moorman families. Our families' passions inspired our interest in regenerative and sustainable agriculture, and our drive to implement it’s practices on our ranch.

Since 2019, Pure Pastures has been holistically managing our animals in a way that revitalizes the ranch’s natural resources; working WITH nature, instead of against her. The Eubanks have been ranching since 2015, using trial and error to perfect their rotational grazing practices; striving to provide the most flavorful and nutrient dense meat to their community, while rebuilding topsoil and the native prairie landscape that once dominated the Hill Country.
With our rotational grazing practices, we are able to raise top quality grass fed & finished beef and lamb, and pasture raised, heritage breed pork. Our cattle, pigs, and sheep live their entire lives the way they are supposed to live: out on the land.
We are proud to be stewards of the Texas Hill Country, and proud to be on your family's table!