Grass Fed & Finished Bison

 Run by Sam and Candace Pauly, Bison Cove Ranch has been breeding bison for over 30 years, making bison a lifelong business for Sam. They decided to get into the meat business to provide another quality grass finished protein option for their community. 
Their animals are grass fed and rotationally grazed in accordance to the NRCS/Soil and water conservation guidelines (the same way we manage our animals); this not only minimizes the environmental impact, but it allows the bison to roam and graze the way they did hundreds of years ago.
Not only are bison great for the land, their meat  also has incredible health benefits. It contains fewer calories than beef per gram, has less fat, and more iron. We are very excited to have their bison in our store!

How our online ordering works

Unlike the ranch store, where you can buy as many or as few individual products as you'd like, our online ordering is done a little differently. We have several of our most popular items for sale on the website, but individual/premium cuts are only available as part of a box or through our PRIME membership (see below). This allows us to keep a good selection of products online for delivery customers, and keep the store shelves fully stocked. You can find information about home delivery schedules in the description of all the products, or by clicking HERE

If you can't get out to the store, but would like to order a la carte and have it delivered, then our PRIME membership is for you! We send an email out every Monday with our full inventory list for our PRIME members to order from. They tell us what they want, we pack it up, invoice them, and bring it to their door free of charge (no matter how much or little they order) If you'd like to learn more about becoming a PRIME member, or sign up, you can do so HERE


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