Roasted Leg of Lamb - 'Til it tastes good

Roasted Leg of Lamb - 'Til it tastes good

Sep 17, 2020Maggie Eubank

Do you want to impress your friends and family? Maybe trying to woo someone? Well listen to me when I tell you, this roasted leg of lamb is the way to go; not only was my family impressed AS HELL, I also thought about taking myself out on a date…to a secret room…where I ate this whole leg in private. It’s also a cinch to make and can be adapted to whatever flavors you like; I went pretty traditional with rosemary, garlic, and thyme, but other herbs or seasonings will work just as well!


1 - Pure Pastures Grass fed, boneless, leg of lamb (4-5 lbs)

8oz - Salted butter, room temp (my faves -in order- are Kerrygold, Falfurrias, Vital Farms)

Enough carrots to cover your baking dish/cast iron skillet

Liquid for the pan (broth, water, or white wine)

‘til it tastes good - salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, garlic


1) Pre-heat oven to 450*; cover bottom of skillet/roasting pan with carrots. If you have onions and/or celery throw those in too. Or, if you don’t have any of those, you can use a regular roasting rack…just don’t eat it.

2. Mix butter, herbs, salt, pepper, and garlic together. I like to make sure everything is chopped up as fine as I can get it so that every bite has garlic and herbs in it. (This is also called a compound butter if you are fancy)

3. Cover Leg of lamb with the compound butter. And I mean COVER IT. Be messy; get it everywhere. If it gets on the counter or some gets on the wall, even better. Once it is covered, put it in the fridge and let the butter harden; this will help the butter hold on to the leg longer instead of just melting off.

4. Once the butter has hardened, put the leg onto the carrot roasting rack, and about an inch of liquid into the pan (just make sure it doesn’t touch the lamb), and slide the whole thing -uncovered- into the oven. Cook at 450* for 15 mins, then lower the oven to 350* and continue roasting for 60-90 mins or until a thermometer reads 135* (for medium rare).

5. Once it reaches 135* take it out of the oven and LET IT REST. It will be hard, trust me I know, but you will be rewarded with perfectly cooked, juicy leg of lamb. NO TOUCHY!!! Once it’s rested, I slice it up and serve it with the roasted carrots and the juices from the pan spooned over it. Then I sit back and enjoy all the praise. Enjoy!!!

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